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Working on conservation issues requires more than informed and dedicated individuals. Your financial generosity will help the Chapter and the Izaak Walton League to be more effective in pursing its conservation and education goals. By donating to the League you are helping us to protect Outdoor America's Future. Contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated.

If the gift is in someone's name or in memory of someone, please include their name and address so an acknowledgement can be made.

Bequests can also be made a part of wills, insurance policies, and trust instruments. Establishing a trust with the named beneficiary the Walter J. Breckenridge Chapter will ensure an environmental legacy for the originator of the trust.

Donations to the Walter J. Breckenridge Chapter can also be made to the Chapter or to the Breckenridge Chapter's Scholarship Foundation.


The Breckenridge Chapter's Scholarship Program for local students with a strong interest in, and a commitment to, environmental causes has sponsored more than $50,000 in college scholarships for 100 Minnesota students. Donations to the W. J. Breckenridge Chapter's scholarship fund or the Scholarship Endowment Fund are greatly appreciated.

Donations to the Scholarship Foundation can be toward current scholarships or to the Foundation for future scholarships. Please specify if the donation is to fund current or future scholarships. 

                          Scholarship Committee
                          Walter J. Breckenridge Chapter
                          Izaak Walton League of America
                          8816 West River Rd.
                          Brooklyn Park, MN 55444

___  Enclosed is a contribution in the amount of __________ to be used for:

          ___ the current year's scholarship fund


          ___ the Scholarship Endowment Fund

The Walter J. Breckenridge Chapter is very grateful for contributions of any amount.

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